Tips for Selling Scrap Cars

While selling your scrap car there are things you need to keep in mind in order to not be fooled by the company and to be satisfied with your deal. There are number of useful tips you can act upon in order to get the right price for your car.

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Firstly when you are selling your car to a scrap yard then try contacting all the scrap yards in your area. This would help you to have a range of prices on offer. You also have a number of offers to choose from. Selling your car to a scrap company is a safer, more reliable and a hassle free option. Since the companies are available online and they come and pick up the vehicle themselves the seller is left with no liability to fulfill. Also once your car has been scrapped they provide you with a Certificate Of Destruction stating that you do not have any responsibility of the car in future. Also the COD helps you claim a refund for any unused months of car insurance and road tax.

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Credit: MisterMoaner

The other option you might find very useful is the car take back offer and the exchange offer. Many companies offer new cars in exchange of old cars and money. So if you are planning to buy a new car then this might be it. Also the company offers you more money than anybody else as the middlemen decrease.

The value of metals keeps fluctuating in the stock market. However metal scrapping is an important industry. What you can do is that if your car is in an undriveable condition then you might send it for scrapping. You will get money per pound or kg of the weight of the car. So you might get something out of the useless car engaging you parking space.

However I would advise you against giving advertisements in local newspapers for your car because although you might get a higher price but the commission and cost of the advertisement would square it all up. The last and the most preferred option in case of non drivable cars is the donation method. One is required to donate the amount one gets to a charity. This offers two incentives. One is that people get a sense of satisfaction in doing charity and the other is that you might end up saving on your taxes by showing that you donated something. Recycling car parts helps protect the environment and helps other people afford parts that may be too expensive if purchased new.

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