How To Sell Your Scrap Car

Selling scrap cars is a very long and tiring process but if one knows what to do then he can make great money out of it. However one may be surprised to know that there are a lot of takers for your old car. Now if your car does not work and you wish to part with it then you can make a list of a number of scrap yards and the companies which are willing to take it. This process can be done even by sitting on the internet. You have to provide them with the details of your car etc. and they will tell you what price they are offering. Once you get an approximation of its value then you can try out different companies to get the best price.

One thing which is very profitable and you can do is that you can take out the various parts, separate them and sell them. Various parts would include those like the rims, tyres, gearbox, battery etc. These things you can sell separately while the rest of the body you can sell to a metal scrap dealer. Catalytic convertors are worth $100 while other parts such as battery , aluminum rims and starters together can fetch you up to $150. However the idea of selling it to the scrap companies is more profitable as it makes it easy for the person. The company contacts you, sends a vehicle to take your car away and sends DVLA Certificate of Destruction on receipt of which you would not be liable to give road tax for that car any longer.

The old cars are a necessity for the scrap dealers because they then take out the parts and use them to sell it to people to be fitted in comparable models. Much of the metal body is even recycled and it is used again in newer cars. If you wish to gain more money out of it then you can get the old car repaired and in a running condition as cars in a running condition get 10 times more money than the other cars. You have to keep in mind that all the paperwork is ready such as the registration number, ownership papers etc, and make sure that the company whom you are selling it to have a tow vehicle to tow your car away.

So if you wish to sell your scrap car and make money then find out about all the scrap yards in your area or maybe you can give an advertisement in a local newspaper or online. The scrap dealer will have a look at your car and its condition and then offer you a price.

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